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A sunset or what...!

As the repair work on the boat which took place in Marina Smir, Morocco was quite a milestone for me, I've devided the photo's on the subpages accordingly...

This page is for more recent photo's...

Season 2008

Not much heel on this leg.

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

We got them down, now let's get them covered.

Good someone's thinking about dinner.

Season 2009

Sunset in the Mar Menor.

West coast of Ibiza.

Sunset in Tarida, Ibiza.

At anchor in Palma.

East coast of Sardinia.

Does he prefer the sun...or the shade?

Sunrise in San Paulo, Sardinia.

The Isola di Tavola south of Olbia.

At last my dinghy has a sail too...

Time out for a Caipirinha...

The last evening in Mallorca before heading home...

Season 2010

There's a time and a place for children...and this is it!!

At anchor in San Telmo, Mallorca.

Crossing from Ibiza to the Mar Menor.

At anchor in the Mar Menor.

Not the fastest way, but a comfortable one to get ashore.

Flying the topsail for the  first time...

Fried eggs or what's that floating in the water...?

Beautifull in detail.

Sunset in Sollér.

Season 2011

Crossing from the Mar Menor to Ibiza.

The beautiful bay of Sollèr.

The new wind generator.

Who can say no to market products?

Approaching the north west coast of Sardinia.

Turquoise water in Sardinien bays.

Dolphins on the way back to Mallorca.

Back in Mallorca.

The Cabo de Gata on the way back to Gibraltar.

Season 2012

Southern end of the Mar Menor.

Back in Sollér with two of my favorite chess opponents.

A rude awakening after lifting out in Sant Carles de la Ràpita. Galvanic corrosion.

As a consequence...sand blasting below the water line in Sant Carles.

Season 2013

Again, the bay of Sollér.

Oh, these markets...!

After a shower...the hills in the background of Sollér lit by the sun.

Short trip to Menorca.

Back in Sollér.

Visited by dolphins at anchor in the bay of Sollér!!!

Season 2014

Do you see the knights head naturally carved into the cliffs in Sa Calobra (Mallorca)?

Fire fighters...not an unusual sight in the Balearics.

The sun setting in the entrance in Sollér...only at the height of summer.